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  • Omysha
    Omysha 50pts

    Hi! I'm Teacher Omysha. I am a kind,cheerful and a shy type person. When it comes to teaching, being...

  • Dahlia
    Dahlia 50pts

    Hi! This is Teacher Dahlia. I am fond of reading and sight-seeing. Watching movies with a touch of m...

  • Xenon
    Xenon 50pts

    Hi! My name is teacher Xenon. I'm very much serious when I'm alone. But, if you get to know me mor...

  • Xyril
    Xyril 50pts

    Hi! I am Xyril. Some people think I'm strict and others think I'm jolly and fun to be with. Well,...

  • Cushnie
    Cushnie 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Cushnie. I love reading and watching movies. I sometimes listen to music to pass the...

  • Chanasya
    Chanasya 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Chanasya. I really love books especially fiction and fantasy. If you we have same i...

  • Reed
    Reed 50pts

    Hello there, welcome to QQ English! I am teacher Reed, and I'm a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary E...

  • Twirl
    Twirl 50pts

    Hello! I am teacher Twirl. I'm here to help you hone your skills in speaking the English language. G...

  • Pernes
    Pernes 50pts

    Hi students! I am teacher Pernes, a graduate of Education major in English. I am fun, sociable, pati...

  • Chevria
    Chevria 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Chevria. I'm interested in slow music, fun and adventures most especially meditation...


  • Быстрая оплата

    Курс 3 месяца/по 1550
    баллов в месяц - 11300 рублей.
    Яндекс деньги

    Оплата виза или мастрекард

    Одно занятие 25 минут стоит
    от 50 баллов.
    Занятие 50 минут стоит
    от 150 баллов.
    Максимум 1 занятие в день 25 или 50 минут.
  • Часовой пояс.

    По умолчанию на сайте установлено - Московское время. Для того, что бы изменить его перейдите в "Параметры" -> Часовой пояс