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  • Arrmae
    Arrmae 75pts

    Hi everyone! I'm Arrnae. Do you want to learn more about English? Well, I can help you on that . I w...

  • Darny
    Darny 75pts

    Hi! My name is Darny. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education...

  • Jae
    Jae 75pts

    Hello everyone! I'm teacher Jae. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Eng...

  • Jancy
    Jancy 50pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Jancy. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education and earned my degree in one of the...

  • Gilly
    Gilly 75pts

    Hello everyone , I'm teacher Gilly . I'm the kind of person who can deal with students of all ages. ...

  • Meynard
    Meynard 75pts

    Hi everyone ! I'm Meynard , a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino. Though ...

  • Bastille
    Bastille 75pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Bastille, a Bachelor of Elementary Education graduate, major in General Education an...

  • Sundae
    Sundae 75pts

    Hello there! This is teacher Sundae. I believed that learning English is just like travelling. Once...

  • Golden
    Golden 75pts

    Hello everyone! My name is teacher Golden. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major ...

  • Tamika
    Tamika 50pts

    I am teacher Tamika. I strongly believe that a great teacher has the passion to teach, dedication to...