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  • Hamja
    Hamja 40pts

    Hello everyone! I'm Hamja, and I've been teaching here since 2024. I consider myself a simple yet ch...

  • Ansfer
    Ansfer 40pts

    Hi everyone! I am Ansfer. I have been teaching here since 2024. I am an introverted yet adventurous ...

  • Rudmille
    Rudmille 40pts

    Hi there! My name is Rudmille. I love playing sports, dancing, and using English to connect with peo...

  • Zirkle
    Zirkle 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Zirkle. My goal in being here is to assist you in improving your English langua...

  • Anacon
    Anacon 40pts

    Good day everyone. I am Anacon, and I have been teaching here since 2024. I love dancing, especially...

  • Puzzler
    Puzzler 40pts

    Hello there! I'm Puzzler. Do you want to learn English effectively? You don't have to worry anymore ...

  • Orticio
    Orticio 40pts

    Success is never achieved in the comfort zone." Hi, everyone! My name is Orticio. I am an INFP-T per...

  • Penthel
    Penthel 40pts

    "Learning can be tough sometimes, but it will be easier if you're enjoying it. Hi, I'm Teacher Penth...

  • Velarde
    Velarde 40pts

    Hello! My name is Velarde. Teaching has always been my passion, and I love sharing my knowledge with...

  • Dothem
    Dothem 40pts

    "Good day! My name is Dothem. I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Secondary Education with a Major in...



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