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  • Tamsin
    Tamsin 50pts

    Good day everyone. I am Tamsin, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English at T...

  • Ingram
    Ingram 40pts

    Unlocking the world of English is a captivating journey of self-discovery and global connection with...

  • Sharvera
    Sharvera 50pts

    Hi amazing people! This is your awesome Teacher Sharvera, ready and excited to meet and teach you. ...

  • Gozo
    Gozo 40pts

    Hi, everyone! My name is Gozo. I believe I am the right teacher for you based on my teaching experie...

  • Bernthal
    Bernthal 50pts

    Hello, I'm Bernthal. I have been teaching here since 2023. I love adventures and reading different l...

  • Ruvian
    Ruvian 40pts

    Hello, everyone! I'm Ruvian, a friendly individual with a passion for playing sports, traveling, and...

  • Cresswel
    Cresswel 5pts

    Greetings, everyone! I'm Cresswel, and I'm confident in my ability to meet your needs. Singing and r...

  • Choline
    Choline 50pts

    Hi, good day everyone. I am Choline, and I have been teaching here since 2023. I love reading books,...

  • Damaso
    Damaso 50pts

    Hi! I'm a teacher, Damaso. I graduated from Agusan Colleges Incorporated with a bachelor's degree in...

  • Filjur
    Filjur 50pts

    Hi, my name is Teacher Filjur. I love teaching and interacting with people. I’m sociable and fun to ...



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