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  • Clariss
    Clariss 50pts

    Hi! Welcome to QQ English.Are you looking for a learning buddy? Well, I can say you're at the right...

  • Lorelie
    Lorelie 60pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Lorelie. Teaching English is one of the things I enjoy the most. It gives me the opp...

  • Adelaide
    Adelaide 60pts

    "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching." Hello, I am teacher Adelaide. I am 27 year...

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne 50pts

    Hi! My name is teacher Yvonne. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science of Secondary Educa...

  • Hattrem
    Hattrem 50pts

    Hello, my name is Teacher Hattrem and I have been teaching English since 2023. I’m a graduate of Bac...

  • Menville
    Menville 50pts

    Hi! I'm Menville, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English Language. I love reading and watching mo...

  • Hens
    Hens 60pts

    Hi , my name is Hens- a fun, loving and energetic teacher. English can be difficult and boring somet...

  • Robach
    Robach 50pts

    Hello, everyone! My name is Robach. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English Language. Engl...

  • Roxan
    Roxan 100pts

    It's my pleasure to help students with their learning needs and provide safe, motivating and fun les...

  • Fem
    Fem 80pts

    Hi! I'm teacher Fem! :) I am a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Pre-school. I ...



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